You might have noticed that many times we think that If I get this thing I will be happy, if this person speak nicely to me then I feel happy , If I get admission in so and so college then I will be happy or my child get good job or get married I will be happy, holiday in foreign land will make me happy. If we closely watch that cause of our happiness is revolving around person, place or thing.

Now the questions arise. what is happiness ?  How we can remain happy. I will share some tips which helped me to remain happy.

Suppose Maruti Suzuki Alto, Honda Amaze, Mercedes- Benz or Ferrari is your dream car. You worked so hard and now you able to own your dream car. Let me ask you a question, What was your feeling when you first drive that car ? And now think how did you feel after driving that car after one month, one year ,five years or more ? Did your feeling is same as it was on first day or changed little or you are aspiring for another car.If the car was the source of our happiness then why we are not feeling the same,why another brand has become our aspiration? Just think about it.

Let me give you another example.We all want to live in home of our choice.But many people are taking huge loans and also using their savings to buy a house of their choice. And now they own that house. The house is big and in good locality and everyone is happy to visit their home. They are feeling on top of the world. But if some of them fail to pay installments then living in that house will give them same happiness as it was on the first day of owning that house.

No It can’t be same. It is normal that sometimes just to impress others or just to be like others ,we make certain mistakes. The person who is unable to pay huge installments can not be happy. Now this house is the cause of his unhappiness. I am not saying that you should not buy your dream car, home or take loans. What I want to tell you is that do not attach your happiness in particular car or house. Dream big and work smart to achieve it but do not attach your happiness with it.

Sometimes we think if our boss ,friend or family member talk or behave nicely with us then we will be happy.We think that this person is the cause of our happiness. In fact it is not true.But our  feelings are the reflection of thoughts  we think about them and also the vibration we share with them. If we like that person we feel happy in his or her company.But when our thoughts about them changes whatever may be the reason then we start feeling unhappy in their company.

Our thoughts changes our vibration. Our happiness or unhappiness is the outcome of that.So if we want to be happy we should not run after the person ,place or thing and beg them to make us happy. No one can make us happy. But happiness is inside us.


Have you ever noticed that we like to pretend that someone is at fault,we like to blame other people and we like to be victim.Now the question arises, 

Why we complain or blame others ? and 

What should we do ?

Actually we are conditioned this way since childhood. When a child learns to start walking and he fell down.Then the child start crying. We immediately pick him and then start hitting the chair,table or floor. Right, Now the child stop crying. We tell the child that chair or table is at fault that’s why we are hitting this object. This is the first time in our childhood we learn to put blame on others. Then we start blaming  our siblings or friends.When we grow up we blame our parents,  partners,education system,government or even society.

Now the question arises what should we do ? First of all we need to understand that we all make small or big mistakes.It is okay.The decision you make after that matters most. What most people  do is , Either they cave in and suffer because of the conditions of their life or blame other people and make them responsible for your suffering.In my opinion these two  approaches are not good.

Rather we should accept the conditions  as they exist.  It is also fact that one mistake is not your entire life.You are capable of much more . So ,Stop crying and be volunteer victim but take charge of yourself and learn from your mistake and move on.And try not to repeat the same mistake again and again. Now decide what should be written in next chapters of your life book. And try  to make it inspiring .Take actions in this regard.

Sometimes children blame that their parents did not gave them good life.Now you are not kid, you are grown up.Do not let this thought ruin your whole life. And  take action with a thought that whatever happened ,is happened , now nothing will stop me.  You have cell phone and internet. See what  most of you are doing ,active on social media,right  there are people who are making millions and billions of dollars using phone , computer and internet. I ask you to think about it.

Remember one thing that your own thoughts controls your destiny.If you are feeling helpless, hopeless then you need to change your toxic belief system. Take charge of your destiny as you are accountable of your life . Change your thinking pattern ,Read good books ,join courses ,learn new skills and take the help of experts .You must do something to come out it.

Be strong enough to tell the world I’ll make mistake but I’ll take the responsibility, Learn from it and move on.Take ownership of your life.So what are you waiting for. Take charge of your life.Instead of crying, blaming others but hold yourself accountable. Get up and create difference in your life and be best version of yourself.

These are the few tips which I use whenever any situation come and this helped me a lot. I’ll appreciate if you share your tips which helped you to overcome this habit. 


If you want to live happily then accepting others is equally important as accepting your self. Start from yourself. Follow your heart  and do the things which you really love doing.No Comparison and no negative self talk. Accepting means acknowledging where you are right now. You are made up of good things and not so good things.That’s okay.

One thing you have to keep in mind that you should  not be people’s pleaser  because it takes away  lots of your energy and time.

And some time we are worrying about so many things. Worrying also take up our valuable time and decreases our efficiency.

Practice some kind  physical routine and do meditation. Eat and drink well. Sit down and close your eyes,no interaction with outer world,observe your breath and calm your mind.

Be kind to yourself and find out what you really want from your life and take actions to achieve the purpose of your life. Every small steps  each day will give you a sense of accomplishment and will boost your confidence. And do not forget to reward yourself.Apply this in other fields of your life as well.

We can not live without society.Either we are living with family,friends, living alone, at work place or any place we come in contact with people and sometimes we are uncomfortable and do not gel with their behaviors which creates lots of problems in our life. If it is a serious problem then we should take the help of others. And if the person is important and the problem is not so serious then accepting others will create peace in your life. Every one is in journey called life. They have their own  low and pain moments.

Don’t force your way of life on others if you are disagree on something  just convey your message and move on . Don’t check whether they are doing as per your expectation or not. It will only give you pain.

If you are hurt with their behavior, it can also be your behavior’s  pressure is making them uncomfortable and loosing their confidence. Try to live in empathy.

Instead of focusing their negative points,start focusing on their positive points. Just convey your message and spend your  time  in executing your own stuff.It may be learning new skill,following your hobby or starting another source of income. Because your time is valuable,your peace is important,you are important and so are they.

Don’t waste your time in judging yourself and feeling bad about yourself. Do meditation and learn to calm down. Fill love and happiness in your life and spread in other’s life.

Let me sum up for Accepting yourself you should

  1. Spend time with yourself

2.       Create lifestyle you actually love

3.        Celebrate your uniqueness

4.       Avoid self hatred thoughts

5.      Be organized

And for Accepting  others

  1. Accept people are different

2.       Don’t jump into argument

3.       Understand the pain in their life.

4.       Your way of right may not be other’s right

5.        Zero expectations from others

Now pay attention to yourself  and ask yourself a question. Are you really accepting the people as they are ? Are you accepting yourself ? The more I used these above points in my life more I have started accepting myself and also started understanding and accepting others as well. I’ll appreciate if you share some different tips.

How to stay focused

During our childhood or ever later stage of our life we must have  heard so many times focus on your studies or focus on your work.During my childhood I was used to listen this word . Every one was saying focus  on this and focus on that but no body was telling me how to focus. Because when I was doing some work which was very important for me according to them ,I could not concentrate. I do not know  why but I was carried away in lots of other things.Then people started yelling at me, see I told you to do this, look what you have done ,I told you so many times to focus but you are such a mess. I was like, what is wrong with them,why they always decide what should I do ?

Let me ask you a questions, Are you really focused ? What you do to remain focused? As I told you earlier I was not focused but later I worked on my self  and here I will share some tips which help me to stay focused.

  1. Write down one important thing :-

If we know the purpose of our life or what is really  important for me right now. Write down on a piece of paper then think what you can do to achieve this goal. If you are a student then study should be your focus. Similarly you can choose one thing really important for you. And plan properly how you are going to achieve it.

2. Real and serious problem :-

When you start thinking or writing about this then automatically your mind will focus on lots of problems happening in your life. Then you have to decide what is real or serious problem of your life. If you do not tackle this then you life will be a great mess.And to solve this problem your undivided attention is required. Then deal this problem immediately.

And then you can decide about the other problems of your life which are not so important can be taken care of later or you can take the help of others to deal with it. There will be problems in your life which should be ignored or taken care of later.

We should also take into considerations that we are the creator of our own life. If I want to achieve something or get out of some problem then first and foremost I have to decide What I really want ?  how my life would be after achieving this goal ? What are the actions required ? What should I do to stay focused to achieve this goal ?

3. Disconnect yourself from your daily rituals :-

Sometimes you are so overwhelmed and you can’t decide what is really important for you .Then you need to disconnect yourself from daily rituals. In my opinion you should give yourself one or two hours each day or may be one day of every week as per your convenience. I give myself one day every week and that day is Sunday. On that day I do not do those things which I usually do from Monday to Saturday. I just lay down on my  couch or just sit in my balcony and observe where my mind is going.Then after some times my mind gives me more ideas to deal with the situation because on Sunday I am less simulated.

4. Do one thing at a time :-

Sometimes we have so much things to do and we are clueless and end up doing so many things and finish none. Lots of our time and energy is wasted in it. If we divide tasks on the basis of  urgent,very important, important , not so important or can we done later. Then we can choose the urgent task first and finish it and later take another task of the list. This way you will be less overwhelmed and more productive.

5. Allocate time :-

If we break task in parts and allocate time to complete each part. Then we will be able to finish most difficult task easily. Time allocation is important because if we know in this time period we have to finish this job. Then we’ll give full attention to complete it.

6. Write down distractions :-

Getting lost on social media, never leaving comfort zone, sitting all day doing nothing, over analyzing everything, aiming at perfections, not enough sleep etc. are few distractions which deviates us being focused. We should avoid them completely while doing any task.

 I was overwhelmed by these distractions. Now I keep my phone on silent mode while doing any important task and turned off all notifications which was distracting me .Earlier I used to check each notification while doing important task and  used to carried away and wasting my much time just scrolling things.

While doing any task I do not spend my time on social media but in evening I catch up with my friends on social media , watch YouTube videos, listen podcast and read blogs which benefits the purpose of my life.

I also made some life style changes which helped me to be organized and less over whelmed. As I go to bed early and try to start my day half an hour before my usual time.

7. Overthinking :-

Due to some thoughts we feel that it is  difficult to focus. But If we understand that I am the source of my joys and misery. Because I am recreating it again and again in my thoughts that happened in past. Sometimes we are anxious what may happen in future. We are suffering because we are not making good use of our memory and imagination.

Take charge of your physical body, mind and actions. Take charge what is in my mind is being decided by me. My responses, behavior and actions are controlled by me.

If We think past we will feel sad and if we think future then we will be anxious.We should train our mind to focus on present. Because present is the real moment of our life. So live in this moment and use your imaginations and create what you want to create.

8. Push yourself to take action :-

Sometimes we think and discuss a lot and when it is time to take action we start procrastinating. There will be hundred of valid reasons in our mind for not taking action.Now we need to really push our self to do the task and try to finish it in time line fixed for doing this task. If we remain consistent then we will feel confident and which will motivate us to do other tasks as well.

9. Positive Attitude :

When we overcome negative competitive state and replace it with positive competitive state then we will be able to focus better on the task which we are performing. If we compare our self with others that stuff is running us inside.Try to be better version of yourself by taking advantages of your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses.Take inspiration from others and learn from them.

Try to figure out what is that which will make your happy and suppose you have all that. Is that a guarantee that you will be happy ? No it is not. Because it is all a matter of your attitude.But when negative attitude overpower us then we start comparing our self with others and we go to level of extend and start complaining why God has given him so much and not me.If this kind of thoughts come we should immediately reject it and not harbor them.If we harbor these kinds of thoughts then our mind will be filled with negativity.And feeling of hatred will emerge in our mind.We should learn to cheer up our own thoughts.

You have the freedom to choose your attitude.If you choose positive attitude then you can focus well on all aspects of life.Because now your mind is free and calm which will help you to concentrate better and perform well in personal as well as professional life.

10. Create Strong will power :-

Will power is like a muscle as it can be exhausted as well as can be developed.Suppose you want to do any task and your body will resist but you desist that I will not. I will do it now. It may seem small thing but if you do it consistently then you will discover that will power has started increasing.

11. Practice Yoga & Meditation :-

 Yoga and meditation help in this regard. Because when we do this we need concentration. But our mind will start wandering as it is not enjoying it and want to think of usual problems or may do not want to come out of bed. But now the intellect controls the mind.Whenever your minds wanders you need to pull your mind back by using your power of self control.When you keep on doing this, very soon you will find your focus is increased.Focus developed in one area of life will help you to focus on all areas of your life.

12. Reward your self after every task :-

It is very important to reward our self after every task but we do not pay attention to give appreciation to us and most of the time we immediately jump into another activity. If we give our self reward it will give us sense of enjoyment . We should celebrate our each accomplishment no matter how big or small it would be. If you reward yourself by doing so you are not feeling grateful but also develop the sense of fulfillment which will help you to focus on other tasks as well.

13. Practice all everyday :-

If you want to focused and really  want to achieve the purpose of your life then you need to be disciplined, consistent and with calm mind practice this everyday.Focus will increase your creativity, visualization,self –reflection, enhance your learning and complex problem solving skills.

We should give all our attentions to one most important task at a given time. Then give that task laser sharp focus.Avoid distractions completely at a given point of time. Your undivided attention  will make the task excellent. Then reward yourself each time.This will help you to be focused all the time.


World is changing each day.It is tough time. Some of you may not be doing the  same job,furloughed or being  laid off . Few are doing work from home. Now we have enough time to focus on our strengths,weaknesses and learning new skills to adjust in new normal.

 I would like you to write down on a piece of paper .

  1. What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses ?
  2. What are the changes you are noticing in your professional or business area ?
  3.  3.If this situation remain for longer period of time  then what are your plans to move forward ?

Read carefully all these questions and take your time to prepare your answers.If you find it little tricky then let me help you to find solutions and ways to improve your skills .

1.      Develop Effective Communication Skills –

     If you want to be successful in your life then you have to improve your communication skills.There are four types of communication – non verbal, verbal ,written communication and visual communication.

   –   Non Verbal communication  :-

 Your behavior, attitude , body language ,gestures, postures, eye contact ,physical appearance convey some message.The appearance of a person ,his or he dress up sense ,accessories speaks a lot about his or her personality .The volume, tone or pitch also play important role in this regard.If you are aware then you can work on improving on the areas you need improvement.

      Be aware how you present yourself.The moment you enter the interview room,you need to convey confidence through your body language.The way you walk inside is important as the persons sitting in room are experts and they can look at you and  can decide whether you are fit for the job or not.Be natural , relaxed and answer every question with proper eye contact because that coveys confidence.

   –  Verbal communication  :-

What we say is verbal communication.It can be face to face communication,phone call, Video conferencing etc.

    There are bunch of people who only listen to other people and they do not speak  voice of their own. They do not gel with people.They will say I don’t know.You have more experience than me.Generally say Yes,yes,yes,you are right.They are unable to communicate really well their point of view and their thought process.

   There are some people who keep on talking about themselves. Me, Me,Me.My view point is right and they do not care what other’s feel.

  There are some people who have their view point and takes other people’s view point under consideration and they can merge up their thoughts with other people’s thought and come up with amazing conclusion.This type of people are very successful and problem solver. Now we should try  to focus on becoming this type of people.

   At the  time of interview you should able to convey your career story effectively. Practice well what you are going to say  about yourself, your experience,how you can add value to their company, explain how you can  save money to company,show your skills of problem solving etc. by giving practical examples from your previous companies experience.

  All successful people are good communicators.Effective communication is essential  for both personal and professional goals. You can develop the art of communication and it will help you to advance your career , it will increase  your confidence and show leadership skill in work environment. The art of being good communicator lies with knowledge you gained. So read books,articles ,watch videos etc.

  No body likes to communicate with the person who always talking and no listening. So be a good listener and asking questions which shows that you are interested in conversation and when a person is done speaking then you can add a sentence or two to add value to the conversation.Learn the language and spend quality time in in practicing it.

– Written Communication :-

 Good written communication is needed to write an email ,article,blog post or  to apply for new job,. Build a good vocabulary & spelling of the language of communication. If you struggle in this area be sure to take advantage of tools available to your spell check, grammar check and sentence check.

  Improve your reading skills,catch a friend to help you or edit or tell you what mistakes you are making so that someone review your communication prior to sending them out.Excellent writing skill is necessary to be successful in your work place.

  While writing meeting minutes you should capture action / follow up items and also capture the name of person speaking to if you are speaking to more than one person

 While writing Emails,status report or memos before sending review it properly and take out unnecessary  items. If possible you can use bullet points but avoid long paragraphs and most important is stick to facts.

   –   Visual communication :-

 Visual communication can be through presentation,report or any type of deliverable that you need to work on.Visual communication is easy to understand.Even if someone do not understand language then also he can somehow understand visual and it has more impact.Visual tools and techniques are now more accessible than ever.

2.      Skill to learn –

Some people are learning new skills to adapt to changing world.But you should know exactly how to learn any skill. First choose skill according to your passion.Then learn basic of that skill and do not focus to learn tricks and techniques.And practice the skill in that manner which you like to do.Keep on practicing that skill and then soon you will become master of that skill.

3. Skill to sell –

You may be in any profession what you should know the skill of selling.If you do not know this skill then less talented person by putting less efforts can move way ahead of you.Because they  know how to sell product or service.

4.  People skill –

We are more close to technology than people. We are loosing sympathy and empathy.Very few people who understands others become great leaders.They can make good relations and achieve success.

5. Financial skills –

  Money is one of most important thing in life.We should learn the skill of how to earn money, save and invest money. If you want to live happily then you have to learn this skill.

 There is massive economic destruction and all most every person has learnt the importance of having Emergency Fund for a period of six months to one year. I am learning money management skills. I am checking my habit of spending money and also learning ways to deal with debt.

6. Focusing skill –

It is very difficult to focus. But if we understand  that I am the source of my joy and misery. It is created with in me by myself only. If we understand this then no one , situation or event can disturb us.The person has said something once but I am recreating that scene in my mind again and again and creating misery for myself.Sometimes we are anxious what may happen in future.We are suffering because we are not making good use of our memory and imagination.

 Take charge of your physical body, your mind and actions.Take charge that what will be in my mind is being decided only by me.My responses,behavior and actions are also controlled by me only.

 If you are focused it increases your creativity,visualization,self –reflection,complex problem solving skill,learning and communication.

 If you try finding solutions of every problem, know what exactly you want from your life and how you are going to achieve it, coming out of your comfort zone, keep on pushing yourself  to take small, small steps,creating strong will power,doing Yoga and Meditation will help you to improve your focus.

7. Handling negativity-

 When one become negative. He looses his energy,his motivation,attention and focus being deviated. It is important to learn to handle negativity.

8. Time Management –

Time is most precious thing for everyone.Once gone never come back.It is very necessary to manage our time.So that we can achieve best things, happiness and success in life.Most important is value your time and find out ways to manage your time properly.

9. Reading skills – 

There is not even a single successful person who has learnt only from his experiences. But they learnt from the experiences of others by reading their books which saved their time and energy.

10. Being honest with yourself – 

According to Marck Cuban that many people lie to themselves.He advises being honest with yourself and said that  you know what you know and you know what you don’t know.

 If we are honest with our self then we can find out our strengths and weaknesses. Then we can  make proper action plan to improve our weaknesses and also take advantage of our strengths.

11. Stay in present –

 Living in past can make you sad and thinking about  future will make you anxious.Living in present moment will make you happy . Living in present is a skill that can be learnt by practice and reading good books.  I will suggest you to read this amazing book “Power of Now “ by Ekart Tolle.

12. Having Confidence – 

 Confident people see problems as opportunities .Confidence is something you should develop like muscle.  The more you focus on it and practice the stronger your confidence is going to grow.

13. Stop Whining –

According to Iyanla Vanzant , on Wednesday you can not whine,complain or criticize. She said every time you do it put a quarter in a jar. If you whine that  I can’t ,Why do I, Why don’t you, then put a coin and  you will realize how much you are whining. We need to practice that and we need to stop whining.

14. Being grateful –

  Being grateful for every small or big thing of your life will make you more optimistic and you will be able to find joys in your life. You will become more forgiving and can have good relationship with your loved ones.You will enjoy good health ,have improved sense of worth and become more productive at work.

15. Learn Technical skills –

Coding,App building, ,Java script, Web designing,Interior design, architecture,illustration/Digital painting,creating on line courses,reading audible ,Artificial intelligence, Digital marketing skills,content marketing,ability to close product or service on line,making YouTube videos etc.are few technical skills which you can learn. If you have the ability to tell story and relate to the audience then you can become influencer or content creator.

 These are the few skills which we can learn or improve.These skills will help us to be the best version of our self.I will appreciate if share your tips to improve different skill.


Things are changing too fast. We are doing things which we never thought of doing. Many people  have lost their jobs, many business are being shut down,some businesses have changed the operations of their working, some people are doing work from home.We can not move freely.There is lot in everyone’s plate.There are so many things which are not in our control. We are not liking at all.But this is our new normal. Things will be better with course of time.Our life will get back to normal with certain changes.

It is human tendency generally we do not like changes but  we accept changes if it add value in our life.Let me ask you a question how you are embracing new normal? I will discuss here how people in my community are adapting new normal.

Connecting with people :-

In my opinion new normal is connecting with people. I am connected with my friends and relatives with whom I had lost contact since long. Now everyone call or message and enquire how are you doing? It creates feel good factor that we are not alone. I have also made new connections online. I chat ,do face time and some times we do video call, creak jokes, play games,share our experiences,celebrate birthday and anniversaries by using Zoom app. I think when things will get back to normal then people will remain connected with each other as no one will like to stay lonely.

Sharing  and helping people :-

In my society people are sharing things with others .Things they do not need but can be useful for someone. So they are donating clothes, toys,shoes,sandwich maker,juicer,sewing machine and many other things.People from my friend’s society collect food from each apartment every evening then give it to policemen on duty . They distribute this food to the people who need food.The other apartment building provide food in morning. It is being done in almost every region of my country. Even many religious places also providing food,giving shelters to needy irrespective of caste,colour ,creed or faith.Many people are donating huge amount of money.So sharing and helping has also become new normal. No doubt people used to share and help others before also but now everyone is trying to do something good for others each day . Though there is fear of virus in connecting personally but still the emotions of sympathy and empathy have increases but with little change of making physical distance from each other.

Following healthy routine :-

People are more aware of maintaining their immunity system and also take extra care what they are going to eat and drink. Some have gone for vegan diet and some have starting taking vegetarian food more often. They are also following some kind of indoor fitness routine as well. Health and fitness has also become new normal.

Overcoming weakness  :–

When quarantined period started , few days I spend much time sitting on couch then go to bed room , watching TV doing nothing ,skipping breakfast when I get hungry then eating left over lying in my fridge.

Later I become more disciplined. Now I get up early and do meditation ,Yoga and some stretching.Sometimes I do exercise with my friends on Skype and did 21 days meditation with Jay Shetty and I am really grateful to him as it has changed my life for good.  I make my bed immediately after waking up. It  gives me sense of accomplishment and I remain positive and productive throughout the day.I have started eating breakfast daily which improved my energy level and helping me to remain in good mood. Everyday I have developed the habit of keeping my surrounding clean. And feeling grateful for every big or small thing happened during day  has improved the sense of worth.

People are becoming aware what is going inside them and how they can connect with real self. Now most of us are realizing and started working on our weakness which is great.When I go out to do my grocery then I follow all safety norms . Overcoming weakness and being extra careful is also new normal.

Learning  something :-

People are updating their skills to perform better and get promotions at their work place when things become normal.Some are learning new skills to adept in changing world. My friends are learning communication skills, marketing skills, search engine optimization, graphic designing, web designing, Photoshop, content writing etc.

Universities have Incorporated distance courses and Harvard and many other universities are offering free on line courses.

Some people are teaching new skills because they have expertise and have started making online courses.I have developed the habit of reading book and my cousins have opened online store and also started affiliate marketing. Learning new skill has also become new  normal today as everyone is either learning or brushing up his or her existing skill.

Money  management :-

There is massive economic destruction and all most every person has learnt the importance of having Emergency Fund for a period of six months to one year. I am learning money management skills and also checking my habit of spending money. I am also learning about Mutual Funds, Shares, Completely liquid safe fund and also learning ways to deal with debt.Money management is also new normal . In future everyone will create emergency funds as per the needs of their family so that they do not get caught in this kind of situation again.

Recognizing the good work :-

People are applauding health services , police men and cleaning staff.They are contributing a lot and making difference in our life. We are very much thankful to them. Recognizing their amazing work is new normal and it has become our joy to give them respect.

I will appreciate if you share your experiences how you are adapting to the new normal. And one thing more we all should take a pledge to make efforts to give beautiful world to our future generations. 


The other day I was looking outside the window of my room. I was admiring nature,suddenly a thought struck in my mind till how long we have to stay at home. Due to quarantine we can’t go out side because corona virus is taking lives of so many people and people are scared if they step out of their home, there are chances that they may come in contact with deadly virus and they will not only endanger their lives but the persons who will come in their contact will also be in grip of this disease.

I was thinking how this pandemic started why we humans are forced to house arrest . A couple of days back I was surfing some videos and in one the video  there was a theory of  biological  war. Though there is not proven evidence. And the role of W.H.O.was also questioned. And in some country people of particular  religion are blamed to spread this disease. What is the truth only God knows.

Where are we going ? We are blessed generation enjoying the  advance stage of science and technology. Mortality rate has gone up, we are taking advantage of fast means of transport,living comfortable life as a result of  enormous discoveries and inventions in every field.The bad part is that many countries  have atom bombs, arms and ammunition which can destroy our earth so many times.

We humans  thought that we can do any thing but the virus has kneel down us. Now we are scared of each other.We can not go out. We can use our expensive cars,designer clothes, jewelry , go to restaurant or any place of our choice and not even to our work place. If we look outside nature is reviving tremendously.Birds and animals are moving freely. Pollution level has decreased extensively.The life of human is stand still and we do not have any idea how long this situation will remain.

I was thinking what lesson I have learnt in this time of quarantine. Here I will discuss how the situation is changing me and the people around me.

1. Message of nature :-

Nature is in rebooting mode and giving us message to reinvent our self. This is the need of time.World is not same as it was earlier. We have to evolve our self with this changing world.Sit in silence for 15 to 30 minutes and connect with higher self. Your higher self has answer of all your questions.

2. Necessities vs. Desires :-

Now I have time to admire nature, realized the importance of family, understood we can live without  going to malls, watching movies in theaters,eating and drinking outside, going to recreational places. Now I realized our necessities are less but we were running after fulfilling our desires which were enormous and endless. We had happiness but could not spare the time to see the joy and sorrow of our loved ones, could not discover our inner strength, forget those small,small things which we loved doing. 

3.The idea of perfection :-

The idea of perfection has lost our innocence.  We forget that it is okay we can be funny, we can do mistakes, we can play like child and we can also spare some time for our self. During quarantine when I contacted with my old school friends then we all realized how many superficial boundaries we have put on our self . Our old pictures were the witness that we could be happy without wearing designer clothes ,expensive jewelry etc.

4. Change in life style :-

I have started making my bed which gives me sense of accomplishment and I remain positive and productive through out day.I have started eating breakfast which has lower down the level of my anxiety.Some people has developed reading habits. I read lots of books. 

5. Relationship Improved :-

Become more compassionate with people around me. When observed them closely I came to know what is going in their life and realized the exact reason of their behavior. My opinion for others have changed which improved my relations with them.First time we giving so much time to family. It is amazing.

6. Taught the value of cash flow :-

This period has also taught me the value of cash flow and disadvantage of debt. Just to show off we take huge loans to buy big house and car. And our salary goes in EMI. Some times we are living pay cheque to pay cheque. And as a result we can not change job or forced to work in toxic environment.

Now the question arises how to improve your cash flow. I will share certain tips for personal as well as business purpose which I gathered from reading various books on finance.

a) Pay slowly  – 

Though it is not ethical but if some one is kind enough to give you 30 days times. Take advantage of it. Pay it on 29th day.Leave money in your bank account as long as it is possible. And if they expect it to pay immediately then pay with your credit card.And pay back to that credit card after month. This will give you additional 30 days to keep your cash in bank.But do not pay after 30 days because it badly effect your good will and also monetary penalty will be levied on you. So be careful. Even you can use this to pay bills,buy goods or raw material to run your industry .

  b) Try to get more credit period –

You can also negotiate your credit period  60 to 90 days with your vendors and supplier . If you are taking loan to run your business then you have to pay huge amount of interest. It will be better to take extended credit period from your next vendor or supplier. 

c) Salary – 

You can also give salary to your employees on 7th  or 10th of every month as per the labor laws rule of your country. It will help you gain your credit period for 7or 10 days.

d) Receive early – 

If you do online line shopping you get discount or coupons to pay from your credit and debit card . It is done so because they receive cash early then the things  reaches to you. It can take 2 days or week. but they do not give this offer when you pay cash on delivery. As a company you can ask for 30 to 50 percent amount in advance as a token. You can say them it is your business policy and we’ll give you 1 or 2 % discount.

e)  Investment –

Sometimes small business owner invest  the money earned from their businesses in share and mutual funds. If they need money and at that time their shares or mutual funds are down and they have no money. In this situation they take loans and pay big interest or sell their share or loans at low price and bear loss.If you want to invest then invest in completely liquid schemes and safe also.When you need money you can use your money.

  f ) Do continuous sale –

Frequent sales will help to maintain cash flow of your business.Look at situation now if your product can sell online then immediately go online.

g ) Loans –

You can take loan if you are expanding your business.There are multiple types of loans e.g. loans against gold,property or shares. You can take business loans without any collateral but interest rate of this loan is high and your credit rating should be good.There are other companies which give you loan if you need you can take loans from them.

   h ) Tax –

You can make certain changes in your company or  business where you can get maximum tax benefit and keep your money in your account for maximum period of time so that there is cash flow in your company.Financial advisor will guide you to delay your tax payment safely.

7.  Learn to make money online during quarantine :-

Some people are looking for any amount of money thought it is not much lucrative but I will share this. It is online survey,transcribing etc.You can take online jobs like answering emails, interacting with clients and customers on phone,managing social media for clients. But if you possess specific skill like graphic designing,web designing,video animation , Photoshop,music or audio then you can find regular freelancer  work  and for this you will paid on hourly basis for working for clients from all over the world.This can be risky but I will share. You can make money with cryptocurrency. If you hold a cryptocurrency they pay you dividend.

If you do not posses any skill and you want to learn those skills. Then there are lots of  YouTube tutorials for learning these skills.

If you can teach any thing then you can create a course and sell online. You can also do affiliate  marketing where you get commission for each sale or you can create your online store.

If you have knowledge of certain niche then you can create your YouTube channel and writing blogs.You will be paid through ad revenue.But it will take time.

8. Learn to manage money safely :-

I have watched  many YouTube videos on managing money. I learnt some tips which I am going to share now. We should learn how to manage money. If you can not manage small amount of money then how  is it possible you can mange big amount of money ? it is not at all possible.You should learn the skill set to multiply your money.You have to keep a constant check where did your money go no matter whatever is your income.Because you party hard,you pay more debt of your credit cards and loans.

You need to check your habit of spending money. Because they think that money is to spend only.Some people spend and save also. Smart people spend,save and invest money.But very wise people spend,save,invest and donate.Look at the rich people of world they mange their money this way.

 Make your money management system simple.You should have five buckets. 1st bucket is necessity bucket.Keep 60 % of your money in this bucket. This is where you pay your rent,bills,car payments.2nd bucket is your emergency bucket. Keep 10% of money in it.This could be medical expenses etc. Do not touch the money from this account just to use it for other purpose.3rd bucket is Investment bucket. 10% goes in this bucket for your future which means for your retirement. 4th bucket of 10% is your learning bucket.Here you learn your skills.Spend on online courses,seminars or could be buying a book to learn higher income skills. 5th bucket is fun bucket.Put 10 % in this bucket. If you put money in each bucket  consistently every month then you will learn not touch the money in other bucket .But if you can not do 10% then start from minimum 1% ,2% , 5% or more. Because the idea is that you need to have the habit of managing your money properly.

I realized many of us are pay cheque to pay cheque.Use two credit cards.One for business use one for personal use.Pay the debt of your credit card every single month.Use it in your 60% bucket expenses.Do not use your credit card for fun money.Spend bare minimum if you want to financial freedom . If there is rise in your income  then do not increase your expenses but put more percentage of money from 15 % to 35 % in 3rd and 4th bucket.Do not forget to enjoy whatever percentage of money you are saving in your fun bucket. 

9. Dealing  with debt :-

Due to pandemic many people lost their jobs.The situation is worse for those people who have to pay monthly EMI. The situation is even worse for them who are living pay cheque to pay cheque .For those whose job is ok they  should keep working as per plan. But if you are paid off then look for part time job.Some jobs are available like delivery jobs, grocery jobs,medical jobs. So that you have money to eat food and your household running .Talk to mortgage company if they allow you to skip payments . Avoid borrowing money from credit card. It will mess your situation. When the situation will be over or you will get your regular job then start creating emergency fund positively for six months at least.

10. Do not make this new normal :-

This virus has taken life of so many people. Very difficult time for all of us.There is massive economic destruction .Schools ,offices and business are shut. Social distances is followed which is the need of hour.We should learn correct lesson from this. In future nations should keep their people safe and the preserve their freedom. The virus which occur in another country should not be allowed to collapse our economy.National health , freedom and economy is being effected badly by this virus.

Governments should take strict actions so that it should not happen again.Health screening must be done on all international airports.If any disease is spread in any country then Governments should ban travelling of that country  so that they are not going to bring disease in our country until it become safe.

Companies should maintain contingency fund to pay salary of their employees at difficult time.Laying off is not solution because people working hard for the company feel bad and cheated.Most important is that every person should keep six months to one year emergency fund.

11. Taking  a pledge :-

We all should take a pledge to give beautiful world to our future generations. I am doing my bit and so as you.


The spread of corona virus has devastating impact on many people’s life. It is totally a different world. What lesson you have learnt?  How can you survive in this changing world ? It is a tough time.Today I’ll will discuss how we can create good change in our life and people’s life.

As an employee

First and foremost we have to be positive and reinvent our self and find out ways to contribute in new way.People are loosing their jobs. Some of you may have different job.It is very difficult time and we do not know how long it is going to take and how deep the impact would be.You have to evolve with the time. Learn new skill and find out what are your strengths.

As a business owner

Some business will go up and many businesses are going down. I think next couple of months are going to be very very difficult for small business owner. This period is going to be very cash trapped and you have to worry about conserving cash. Be honest with your costumer and staff. Go and talk to your bank and if you can get a short term lending facility,short term over draft or some thing that can tide you over for couple of months. Though Governments are helping  but fiscal programme take time to come to the economy. Basically on couple of months you are at your own.

Many companies are facing supply chain problems and can not start production because the parts or raw materials come from all over the world. Some companies are doing work from home, Staff cut , change or rotating of staff.

Business opportunities  :-

Things are changing in your city and find out what are the good opportunities for you. Look at the new environment how you can do things  differently. Brilliant entrepreneur are focusing on new ideas,scalable, massive business or  working as  middle man between two companies.

1.       Use common sense

        There is technology shift lots of restaurants  are doing home deliveries. How can we get customer today. You have to use different methodology. What strategies you are using for your business last week is different this week. Focus on your existing customer.Use common sense. Change early change fast.

2.       Cleaning Company

            Major cities and even in many places whole country is quarantined. People are scared to come office. They hire a cleaning company to do their office disinfected. These companies have plan to do this job for six weeks. I think it is a tremendous business opportunity.

3.      Pharmaceutical business

          There is good opportunity business for them who will discover cure for this pandemic and moreover they will also add  value to people’s life during this tough time.There is a great demand of ventilators , Test kit of corona virus,  and preventive measure products  like sensitizers , wipes ,masks

4.     Smart stock investors 

It is right time to buy stock for smart investors to invest long term . Because in  bear market stocks are cheap.

5.       Ghost Kitchen

Ghost Kitchens  are restaurants that does not allow people come to the restaurant. Ghost Kitchens  do not need waiter, waitress  and high value piece of property at good location. They only need commercial kitchen , website, professional photography and videography of every single dish. People visually shop what they want to eat of your online menu .

6.  Digital entrepreneurship

Companies are facing financial problems and firing people and people who get fired  needs funds to keep their family moving.They can go for content writing, blogging , making YouTube  videos, online advertising ,photo editing, video editing , manage social media sites and  create Video conferencing apps.

On line education is the boom, It is going to be one of the fast growing industry. If you have knowledge of any field then create your online course. In this changing world consultants will provide on line training ,consulting and coaching by using platform like Zoom and Webinar etc.

7.       On line store 

Create on line store and  take in to consideration  that your  products  fit the need of people working from home now and sell the things that are economical.

These products can be hoddy , sweat shirts,soft comfortable socks, slippers ,sleepwear ,pajamas, mobile phone holders,Laptop stands or lap desks , desk organizer.

Home organizer , home store solutions ,Kitchen accessories ,cushions ,home decor to improve their surrounding  and add little joy in their home,.

Quiet pet toys to engage their pets without distracting them as people are working from home and sometimes they join on line meetings at home.These toys will help engage their pets.

Hobbies kits ,Gaming accessories  ,home gym accessories , look for products that help people to maintain their self care routine from the comfort of their home.

I hope  these tips will help you. If you are ready to explore some business ideas during this tough time then let’s get started and best of luck to you. 

STAY HAPPY – Things to keep in mind while planning your day during quarantine

Nature has locked us with the people who matter most in our life. Today we’ll discuss what are the things we should keep in our mind while planning our day during quarantine. In my opinion you have to plan what are your own priorities and  what are your the priorities as a family .

1. Planning for yourself :- 

Now the whole world is passing through a difficult time . At this time nature is giving us a deep message till now we were mainly focused on outer world.We were working so hard to make our life comfortable . Science and technology has created enormous development in every field of our life . But we are forgetting that our inner world also exist. Today we are standing on that stage where we do not have option but to discover our inner world.Working places either public or private sector are closing or closed down and even the placers of worship has also been closed.Now the question is what lesson the nature is going to teach us ? The message is clear that is to discover our inner world.Happiness which we were searching in outer world but now we are forced to isolate our self from that world . The message is clear the happiness which we were looking out side is with in us. If we can’t go out side then try to go inside . Now the question arises how can I discover myself  and come close to my real self ? For this you have to make efforts.There are so many guided meditation techniques. Let’s make use of this time.By using various techniques when your mind become calm and the deep silence inside you is your real self.This will not only benefit you but others will also be benefited in your presence.

     You can also read good books, adopt some kind of physical fitness routine,get back to old hobby of yours which you really loved doing and make use of technology to connect with your loved ones.

2. Planning time for family :-

As a family you have to plan your day as well.This time has created so much health and economic crises but it has gifted us so much time to spend with our family .Let’s make use of this time.Family is very important to me and I thought to share some tips which I am using and I think this will help you as well.

a ) Mutual respect for partner

Today world is facing financial crises it may be you are out of job or your business is shut down and your wife may be running your family.Do not feel guilty or ashamed about it.Do not bother what other is saying. This is the time when you are mutually contributing.

If your wife is doing work from home or doing some online business.Or may be only your husband is talking care of financial responsibilities of the family.It can also also be both of you are out of job. Whatever may be the situation try to understand each other’s pressure and mutually take the responsibility of the family.

Try to figure out in what area is your wife good at , and what are the areas you can help your partner. Is it washing utensils,cooking ,cleaning your home or taking care of children ? This way you  will get to spend quality time with your partner as well.

Do not try to control your partner because this will badly effect your relationship. Problem arises when you think,’’ I am right ,you are wrong.” Sometimes we are over reacting and start arguing with each other, you are not doing this or that. It is okay you want to express yourself but do not try to control other. Be careful with your way of communication and most important is your tone.

 As a family you have your point of view, your partner, children and your parents have their own point of view.Try to understand that you have different point of view and your spouse has different point of view and you should agree that it is okay for us to have different point of view.

  Do not forget to express love to your partner.Tell him or her how important they are in your life.

b) Spend quality time with your children

       Do not forget to involve children to help you. It can be laying of table or cleaning their room. This way they will be more responsible.Spend some time with your children by playing games of their age, telling them stories or simply listening them just to understand what is going in their mind. Be careful while making do’s and don’t for your kids because children are closing watching you . Sometimes they do not follow what you say but follow how you are behaving with your partner or with your parents.

c) Collective interest of the family

Taking care of collective interest of every member of family is very important. Your parents need time and communication.Each one play role in family. I completely agree our elders need to be respected and loved but at the same time my opinion is  that some times some elders try to control and hence they kill the joy and happiness of the people who are living in the house. Our elders can also be wrong sometimes and there is nothing wrong in accepting this. If you will not open your mouth in front of your elders then your marriage will be in pathetic situation and the environment at home can be negative.My suggestion is give love and respect to your elders and at the same time convey respectfully your point of view.This is the problem which most families face but we do not want to accept it. Show love and care to them. You can have morning and evening tea with your parents. Just sit and listen. It may be they will tell you one thing so many times. Each time pretend as if you are listening for the first time. They will be happy because their child ( no matter whatever is your age ) is spending quality time with them.

If some one in your family is following some kind of  rituals and if you do not understand religion that is okay but follow that for the love of your family member. Accept different people’s school of thoughts, this will create love and peace with family.

Everybody is different we need to accept that.Do not worry or think what others say. Today only those persons matter you most who are living with you in your home.We should try to give everyone space and then we will create right environment at home so that every one can live life they desire. If we plan wisely then we can bring best in each one of us ,pass our time happily and as a family we can be happy and connected .


Coronavirus has been declared as Pandemic in the world and national emergency has been declared in many countries.Government of each country is giving directions to people which we have to follow.If we avoid going to crowded places, this will curb its spread.You must be knowing that we have to wash our hands, drink warm water,greet everyone by folding our both hands 🙏 ,keep yourself and your surrounding clean,boost your immunity as per the advise of doctors,eat home cooked food if easily possible.

Some have the privilege to work from home.There are so many people who can’t even earn their livelihood. Large business houses are bearing huge losses each day. Few people lost huge amount of money in share market.Everyone is facing challenges.

Today I’ll discuss what should we do when we are stuck at home due to coronavirus out break.Things can get lonely and so boring and sometimes scary also.There are nice ways to pass time.Staying at home does not mean being in bed whole day .Let’s figure out what we can do whole day. 

Morning and evening schedule :-

Follow your same morning and evening routine because your body clock is tuned in that way only. Go to bed at your usual time and wake up at same time. Wear comfortable clothes while sleeping so that you have deep sleep. Studies have proved that we should sleep 6 to 8 hours for healthy brain function,physical body and emotional well being. Keep electronics away from you one hour before going to bed and immediately after waking up.

Meditation :-

Spare sometime in morning and evening to do meditation. There are lots of guided meditation videos on YouTube or you can just sit on your bed,chair or on floor and observe your breath.Whatever thoughts come ,let them come and go,just focus on your breath going in and coming out. Meditation will keep your mind calm.

Exercise :-

 Follow some form of physical fitness routine to keep your body fit.I know you can’t go to Gym. But you can do stretching ,Yoga and light exercises which you can do at home.Healthy morning routine will help you to start your day positively.

Keep yourself and your surrounding clean :-

Clean your room or  house everyday.Always put your things back in their right place at that time only. Declutter and organize your space. Clean the dishes.Do laundry. Make sure your living space is nice and tidy so that you yourself can feel nice.Take bath everyday and plan what you are going to wear today and what you are going to eat in your breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Plan your day :-

Now plan the next couple of hours how you are going to spend.If you do work from home then start your day accordingly.If not then there are lots of good things you can watch on TV,YouTube,listen Podcast and read good books and blogs.

You can take online classes for different skill sets you want to learn.You can learn new language. Listen good music and dance.Spend some time with your family and play indoor games.Do something you have never done before it may be starting YouTube channel , Tik Tok or writing blog, learning new form of dance, playing any musical instrument ,watch Netflix,click your pictures and try new recipes.

Pamper yourself by applying face pack on your face,doing hair spa,nail art at home,give yourself manicure or whatever you want.Get back to old hobby of yours. Take sometime and do something you love to do. It can be painting,drawing, knitting,sketching ,playing video games.Get back to something you completely forgot about.

You still have technology and you can communicate with your loved ones,call them,text them,you can do face time or video call. Catch friends on social media and have lots of fun.This will help you to feel less lonely.Spend time with your pets if you have any.

These are the few things which we can do when we are stuck at home.It can be fun if we know how to spend our time indoor.Let me know something that you like to do.Remember to take care of yourself, stay calm ,positive,share kindness and have compassion with everyone and especially with those whom you are spending your time at home.

I wish and pray for everyone :

Om Sarve Bhavantu SukhinahSarve Santu Niraamayaah |
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu
Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

1: Om, May All be Happy,
2: May All be Free from Illness.
3: May All See what is Auspicious,
4: May no one Suffer.
5: Om Peace, Peace, Peace.